Scoring for Film, TV, and the Web 

Are you looking for an original score for your next film, TV, or web project?

Whether you're looking for a band-based instrumental, atmospheric ambient track, solo piano piece,  or even a full out orchestral score... I'm happy to quickly and efficiently give your visual the soundtrack it deserves. 

I enjoy talking to directors and content creators about their vision for each project and using music as a way to further tell their stories. Whether it's a feature length project, short film, YouTube series, or even a commercial jingle. Every project, regardless of scale, is an opportunity to tell a story through music.   


My rate varies from project to project depending on the length and complexity of the score required for each film, show, or video. I'm always more than happy to have a conversation about the needs of your project and how we can meet them while working within your budget. 

Below, I've linked to some of my recent work.