Mixing and Mastering

If you're an independent artist or band, I'd like to help you shape your songs and get them sounding as great as possible. What's more, I'd like to offer you a professional sounding mix at an affordable price. 


Rock, Indie/Rock, Alternative, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Punk, Post-Hardcore, Ambient, Orchestral, etc.  

Mixing Rates: 
$100 / per song * 

  • Price may be discounted for multiple songs and full albums
  • Price includes two free revisions (further revisions are $20 each)
  • Price includes instrumental and vocal only mixes (upon request) 
  • Price assumes tracks are mix ready**
  • 50% deposit is due prior to mixing
  • Hi-res final mixes delivered once final payment has been made in full


When it comes to mastering, you have three options: 

1. Referral:  I will give you a referral to one of several fantastic mastering engineers that I've personally worked with in the past.  

2. Basic Mastering: Your song(s) will match commercial loudness and be processed with basic mastering EQ, compression, etc.  This service costs an additional $25 per song. 

3. No Mastering: You may also choose to take your final mix without mastering. 

*Rates subject to change.

**Tracks being "mix ready" implies that they have been consolidated so that each audio file starts at the 0:00 mark, allowing them to be imported without reconstructing placement within a session. As well, any needed audio restoration or repair (i.e. removal of excessive noise, extensive tuning of vocals or instruments, etc) is not necessarily covered by the flat rate mixing fee.  


Drop me a line!  

If you'd like to schedule a mix, get an estimate, or let me know about your project, just fill out the form below. 

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