Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to send you? 

You will need to provide your individual tracks (WAV files) preferably dry (without any effects printed onto them). All tracks need to start at 0:00. Once we have scheduled a mix date, I  will send you a Dropbox upload link. 

What will I receive at the end of mixing? 

After final payment, you will be given high resolution WAV files of your song(s). These tracks will be ready for mastering. If you have also chosen to have these tracks mastered with me, they will be commercially loud and immediately ready for pressing to physical media and/or uploading to services such as iTunes for distribution. 

What exactly is included in the flat rate mixing service?

  • Full mix (Balancing, EQ, Compression, etc.) of one (1) song with a length of no more than eight (8) minutes and containing no more than fifty (50) tracks. Songs longer than 8 minutes or containing more than 50 tracks will be assessed at a higher rate. 
  • Two rounds of free mix revisions (further revisions available for $20 each)
  • Basic corrective vocal tuning (upon request) 
  • Basic audio editing (i.e. Fades, Edits, Comping Takes, etc.)

Why do my tracks need to be "mix ready"? How do I make sure they are? 

When you send your tracks to a mixing engineer, you want them spending as much time as possible on the "mixing" part. If the tracks don't all begin at 0:00, the mixer has to essentially recreate your entire track (or tracks) like a puzzle. This can potentially take a long time. Time that is much better spent on making your song sound as great as intended!

Aside from that, the best way to make sure your tracks are "mix ready" is to follow these guidelines during and after tracking:

  • Don't clip! Try to keep the loudest peaks on all your tracks below -5db, and your average (RMS) level around -15 to -12. 
  • Label your tracks and provide tracking info where possible. (Ex. "Kick In - D6"; "Snare Top - 57"; "OH Right - 451") 
  • Be organized. Keep your files in an easily navigable hierarchy. (Ex. "//Album/Song 1/") 

How long until I get my mix back? 

For a single track, I'll generally get your mix back to you within two (2) business days of your scheduled mix date. It's always best to listen to a mix with fresh ears the following day. For multiple songs, it varies from project to project and is largely dependent on the complexity and number of tracks involved. A good rule of thumb is seven (7) business days for a full album. I will provide you an estimate at the beginning of any project after reviewing your submitted material. 



What do I need to send you?

You will need to provide a time-locked video (meaning, your editing process has been completed and the timing of the video will not be changing). You may send me the file via email on Google Drive, or I can provide you with a Dropbox upload link. If this is a feature length or short film project, I would prefer to start the process much earlier via direct conversation about your film. I like to develop scores of this nature by collaborating with filmmakers as much as possible.

You said full orchestra? You have an orchestra?! 

I wish! But, no. I generally work completely "in-the-box". I have and use professional scoring tools and instrument libraries from fantastic companies like EastWest, Native Instruments, Embertone, 8dio, and others. I'm able to create realistic scores by utilizing these tools. If the budget of your project permits, however, I'm fully willing to schedule time with real orchestral musicians to supplement (or replace) these virtual instrument recordings with the real thing.